Whakapiri: A solo exhibition by Maioha Kara

10 Nov - 8 Dec 2021
Press release

Laree Payne Gallery is pleased to present Whakapiri, Maioha Kara's second solo exhibition with the Gallery. Whakapiri follows Kara's recently completed exegesis of the same name (as part of her masters degree) whereby Kara positions whakapapa at the centre of her practice. Kara reaches outward from here to origins of creation and relational understanding within te ao Māori to inform her newest body of work. 


Primarily comprised of octagonal forms, Kara's new works continue to explore the use of binary systems. Previously this has existed as singular marks plunged into timber surfaces alongside negative space. Whakapiri sees this concept expanded upon, with a particular focus upon negative and positive forms. 

Installation Views