Pīpīwharauroa Shining Cuckoo: Laree Payne Gallery + Sumer present in TENT

4 - 7 Nov 2021
Press release

Laree Payne Gallery and Sumer teamed up to present Pīpīwharauroa Shining Cuckoo for the inaugural edition of TENT, a nation wide art event run by the Aotearoa Art Fair (both online and in person). The joint presentation was named as the Shining Cuckoo is known for laying her eggs in other birds nests.


Pīpīwharauroa Shining Cuckoo saw work from each respective gallery commingle at Sumer gallery in Tauranga. The presentation included works by Teelah George, Emily Ferretti, Sam Kelly, Henry Curchod, Tia Ranginui, Lara Merrett, Maioha Kara, Andrew Hazelwinkel, Rachel Hope Peary, Sam Rountree Williams, Nichola Shanley, Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Ella Sutherland, Kathy Temin + Jan van der Ploeg.